Awesome Sites for Writers

As NaNo 2018 is well underway now, I wanted to share these two links to sites and links for writers. They may lead you to exactly what you needed – or just offer a much needed break.

Awesome Sites List

Writing Master List

If these help you, please share them — and let me know.

These came from Tumblr, which has a surprising number of users who actually do treat it as a blogging site.


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Some Thoughts on Voter ID Laws

If voter i.d. laws were truly about identifying the voters so as to remove the possibility of fraud, voter registration cards would be issued with a photo on them as driver’s licenses are.

Issuing a card without a photo and then requiring another specific form of i.d. with a photo on it is just playing bait and switch with your rights.

And don’t tell me that the cost is too high. We have cell phones that can take better photos than professional grade cameras of just a few years ago could. All you need is a means of adding the photo to your database before you print out the card. That’s a software fix that should be much cheaper than opening more lines at the DMV.

Until this is done and more lines are opened/hours extended / days and locations expanded for the DMV, voter i.d. laws serve one purpose only: to prevent citizens from exercising our right to vote.

Personally, I’m in favor of making every card issued by any government agency into a photo i.d. that qualifies for voting (and notary) purposes. Let’s have library cards, hunting permits, student i.d.s, voter registration cards, and others become officially-recognized i.d. which lets you vote without anything else needed once you’re registered to vote.

I’m saying this as a white man who has never had a problem with getting a driver’s license, so this is not about me personally. It’s about all my American cousins whose rights are being stolen away.

(Cousins in the broadest sense of all nonlinear relatives.)


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