Jim Dey On the Occupy Wall Street Movement

Here is one of the best articles I have seen lately about Occupy Wall Street. This was written by Jim Dey.

“Some of my same age friends have posted items that are critical and even mocking of the OWS movement. Listen, we have to talk…

Have you noticed during our entire adult lives, tax breaks and deregulation have made the rich incredibly richer and more powerful, they have bought the government? That working people like you and me have seen no gains in the last 30 years? How’s that working for you?

Have you noticed that our father’s country — one in which anyone willing to work can get by or even thrive — no longer exists? Maybe you are still getting by, but haven’t you noticed hard-working people like you losing everything? You really think it can’t happen to you?

Look, I used to be a big government guy, because I didn’t see anyone but gov’t and unions standing up for working people like us. I’ve lost my faith in that. I voted for ‘hope and change’ 3 years ago, and I’ve been disappointed.

I see now that Left and Right are just two puppets begin held by the same puppeteer: big money. Huge money. Ridiculously huge money, which now has the right to spend as much as it wants in elections. Hello?

When we were kids, CEOs made about 50 times what a regular worker did. Now it’s like 400 times. Is your CEO really worth 400 of you? When we were kids, one parent could stay home and be with us, now it takes two incomes to run a family.

How is it that if you work and earn $70,000, you get taxed like 30%, but if you inherit it, or win it in investments, doing no work for it, you only get taxed 15%. Is that fair?

Congress under Clinton got rid of the law that puts up a firewall between your family’s money and business trading, and that burned the economy down. They rigged it so they could loan money that never existed to people who can’t pay it back, but they don’t care because they sold the loan and made money anyway.

There is no one to help us.

This is where OWS comes in. They are in the streets for you and me. They are camped out, taking evictions, beatings and pepper-spray for people like you and me, who just want a level playing field.

But right now, the game is totally rigged, and we don’t have a chance. More people are falling back. You might say they spent too much, or are irresponsible or lazy, unlike you, if that makes you feel better. But the fact of the matter is that many are suffering disasters through no fault of their own.

Yeah, so it’s relatively privileged kids who are sounding the alarm. Minorities and people trying to work their way up have been fighting a uphill battle for a long time. But now the pinch is hitting the young and old who should, under the old rules, be able to get by. They can’t anymore.

If things keep going this way, we are next. The middle-class is getting smaller day by day. Half of people that graduate law school aren’t getting legal work, for example.

So, don’t listen to the mocking of the corporate media. Their owners are terrified by Occupy. Someone is actually standing up and pointed out how much we’re getting screwed. No one was supposed to notice. So they’ve sent the cops, who take their orders from the politicians, who take their orders from the corporations to beat them down.

Please, don’t be stupid and blind. Open your eyes and see that Occupy is out there for you.”

By Jim Dey (http://about.me/jimdey). Originally seen on google+. Reposted here with permission from the author.


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