The only things I will not tolerate are evil and intolerance and I pray that I will have the wisdom to know the difference.

In my opinion, the only true evil is to force the consequences of your choices upon those who would never choose to accept them if they were given a free choice. Examples of this are child molesters, murderers, thieves and those who drive while under the influence of drugs.

Libertarians have a similar concept of evil (they call it “initiating force”), but their view of the rights of the individual is so absolute as to support cruelty & indifference & intolerance upon the vast majority of the population.

I leave it to the reader to figure out what Progressives, Liberals, true Conservatives, and Reactionaries (who currently call themselves conservatives) have as a concept of evil.

Suffice it to say, most of them appear to contain large dollops of intolerance, if the way they interact on the public stage is any indication.

In civilization, the true battle is almost never between good versus evil. It is most often between ignorance and education, apathy and concern, or tolerance and intolerance. When you let yourself think of those with whom you disagree as evil, not merely different or ill-informed or uncaring about what you hold as important, then you have taken the side of the intolerant and your only hope of victory is to have superior numbers & other resources.

This is why gay people (& the alphabet soup of related non-traditional sexual orientations) do themselves a disservice when they treat Christian bigots as evil. Those Christians will always have the superior numbers in America, as they can rally in Christians who are not normally bigoted if your attacks can be characterized as against their religion.

You have to treat those with whom you disagree with respect and tolerance or civilization fails and your disagreement becomes unimportant.


About Tim Gatewood

55+, male, widowed (May 2016). Mobile notary public and signing agent, freelance writer, and ordained minister. Science fiction and fantasy fan, willing servant to cats, avid reader and collector of books and other stuff. Please see my websites (including this blog and others) for more info on me and what I think about the issues of the day.
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