On the Virtue of Silence

Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

Certain things should not be spoken aloud in the presence of others.

This is a hard lesson when you are a say-what-you-mean, mean-what-you-say, plain-speaking, blunt and honest person.

Sadly, those of us who fit this description often can not even imagine how other people will take hold of our straight-forward words, squeeze the juice out of them, and peer upon the results as if they were reading tea leaves.

Meaning gets lost in the curving, twisty minds of these other people. Subtlety that was not there gets added, shading the intent of the speaker until it is lost in the darkness. Implications & intentions get inferred, leading to a much different understanding of what they heard than what we actually said.

Telling jokes seems to be particularly prone to such misunderstanding, requiring stupidity or bravery beyond that of normal speech. I will admit I have been stupid or brave on ocassion.

All of which leads me to my opening statement. Some things should not be spoken aloud in the presence of others, as you just never know who may find anything you say to be “inappropriate” & get offended & complain about it.

As much as you may want to say what you mean, sometimes it is best to say nothing. It saddens me to see America’s legacy of free speech come to this.

Prepare to be Offended

Prepare to be Offended


About Tim Gatewood

55+, male, widowed (May 2016). Mobile notary public and signing agent, freelance writer, and ordained minister. Science fiction and fantasy fan, willing servant to cats, avid reader and collector of books and other stuff. Please see my websites (including this blog and others) for more info on me and what I think about the issues of the day.
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