Tyranny of the Silent Masses? Not!

Where are these “silent masses” I’ve heard so much about?

I ask this because it seems that everyone is talking, texting, tweeting, status updating, blogging & commenting all the freaking time. When are the masses silent?

The problem is not “the tyranny of the silent masses.” We the People are supposed to have free speech, which means we can (and do) speak our minds — and far too rarely do We just stop and listen.

No, the problem is not our silence. The problem is that we don’t come together so that our voices become loud enough to be heard. With millions of us speaking and little common ground, the voices of We the People are like the sound of the surf and the wind, white noise, easily ignored.

The voices that are heard are those that are focused and united toward specific goals, be they noble goals (such as ending police brutality or calling out corporate or government corruption) or selfish goals (such as more tax cuts for the rich or more money spent on weapons that even the military doesn’t want).

Occupy Wall Street gathered a lot of attention by focusing on the financial crisis of 2008 and the corruption that caused it; they lost it when they failed to speak in a focused voice toward specific goals. Compare their results so far with those of the Tea Party and you may see what I’m talking about.

If We the People are ever going to reclaim our government and our country from the tyranny of the only truly powerful minority, the corporate monied elite that consists of about 1% of the 1%, We must wake up and raise Our Voice in a focused demand that Our government represent Us. Not the petty, selfish us that has been so distracted by television, internet, consumer goods and arguments over issues that can only ever be resolved by compromise — the larger-minded us that wants what is best for everyone, including those who don’t always agree with us on every issue.

About Tim Gatewood

60+, male, widowed/single. Writer with a day job. Notary Public. #catdaddy Science fiction and fantasy fan, avid reader, Founder of the Darrell Awards. Author of _Getting Started As A Notary Signing Agent_ (available from https://notarymemphis.wordpress.com/books). Please be kind to one another.
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