On #BlackLivesMatter

If you oppose a movement for justice because it doesn’t address the issues you want it to address, you’re still opposing a movement for justice. That makes you part of the injustice status quo.

#BlackLivesMatter is not a definition of that movement. It is a rallying cry and a slogan. The movement is about opposition to police brutality directed toward black people. It is based on the facts in abundant evidence that black people are treated worse by police than white people are when they do the exact same things.

It is neither clever nor relevant to respond to the movement with the slogan “All Lives Matter,” as the entire point of the movement is that black lives are being treated as worth less than white lives and that the treatment is coming from the police and the entire so-called criminal justice system that stands behind the police.

This is a continuation of the unfinished Civil Rights movement, and, yes, race is at the core of the injustice being opposed in this matter. It is not racist to point out racism when it occurs. To claim that someone who does so is a racist them self  reveals a deep ignorance about what racism actually means.

It all boils down to this. Either you stand on the side of love and support justice — or you stand on the side of injustice. Your choice.


Stop Killing Us

Stop Killing Us

Mass Media Lies

Mass Media Lies

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