4 Responses to A Path to Growth

  1. guestcrew2015 says:

    I couldn’t have agreed more Tim,
    You’ve really said it all and i 100% agree with you. Success does not come as fast as we expected it sometimes but if we stick longer to the work and do it very very well, success will certainly come no matter what, it can only take some time,

    The major difference between the successful people and the failures is that the successful people are usually very consistent, persistent and focused at what they are doing knowing fully well that they will reap the reward someday but, the failures are usually impatience, they want everything as fast as possible and if it didn’t come, they simply quit. That is never the road to success.


    • Tim Gatewood says:

      Success does not always come to those who work hard, even those who are consistent and persistent. Sometimes, it comes to those who were born to the right parents or in the right place and time. Sometimes, circumstances come along that beat us down and some people are not able to recover from those. I will never discount the worth of hard work, but I also think that worldly success, success in which you make a fortune, is too often based on factors beyond the control of the person seeking that type of success. This is not to say that they should give up and not strive for it. Just to realize that some who are considered successful in the sense of having big wealth or much fame would not have gotten there without a great deal of good luck. If you manage to succeed in those ways, it is never good to look down your nose at those who did not have your good luck. Hard work alone will take you far; persistence and planning will take your further; and having the right goals and the right definition of success will get you to the winners circle every time.

      What I mean by right goals and right definition of success is my own belief that we were not put here to accumulate wealth or fame. Those things are a means to an end, an opportunity to make a bigger difference in the world than other people who are not blessed with them. I believe the purpose of life is to minister to life, to create a virtuous circle that counter-acts the vicious circle that comes into play when we focus only on wealth and money and fame. Most of the religions of the world speak of this. Love your God, not wealth. Love your fellow humans, and treat them as you would like to be treated if you were in the same circumstances. In short, the purpose of life is to be the hands of God, bringing Love into all lives.


    • Tim Gatewood says:

      I do believe that America and the world are suffering from a plague of short-term thinking. We are all so often in such a rush that we can’t or won’t stop to look even a little bit down the road to see where we are going. Those who have the luxury of looking down that road are the ones steering the entire world toward the future. Whether they are steering us toward global catastrophe from climate change or global transformation from new tech that will end the dangers that seem so obvious and all around us is an open question.


  2. This is very true. 🙂 Look for potential and then have the patience to wait for it to happen. This “wait” means effort and hard work.


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