12 Responses to 12 Advantages of Keeping a Journal

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  6. Colette B says:

    Reason number six made me smile 🙂 One of my favourite ways of notebooking was on the bus to city, a good half hour ride, if a bit bumpy. Made for a very swift journey 🙂

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  7. I’ve journaling for years. Not only is it cathartic, but it spurs some of my best writing. It’s raw and real and I believe people are drawn to honesty.

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  8. Aaargh, I keep hitting something that ends these! Sorry… Automatically gives the brain time to identify otherwise hidden connections, and allows unique ideas to rise to conscious awareness. Plus it’s a very effective venue for venting that would be inappropriate almost anywhere else. 😉 Happy journaling, Sir!

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  9. Thank you, Tim!!
    I started journaling again a few years ago and I think I will do it forever now. Some insights can only come out through writing by hand, the delay between thinking and writing automatically gives th

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  10. Ananya says:

    Oh, I have tossed some journals into a bonfire. It felt good back then, but now it seems like a loss to me. I would have enjoyed reading the thoughts of a teenage-me. 🙂

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