8 Responses to 10 Excellent Blog Posts Seen Recently

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    I appreciate the kind mention and I wish you the best of luck with NaNonFiWriMo! 🙂 -OM
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  3. Thanks, Tim, for this great list of blog posts to read (and for including one of mine!). I’ve read a few and am planning to have a marathon reading session with the others as soon as I settle in for the rainy weekend and brew a pot of tea. Hope all is well.

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  4. Jenny Hansen says:

    Wow! What a great group of posts! Thanks for including ours from Writers In the Storm. 🙂

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  5. Thanks, Tim! Looking forward to checking out your recommendations! 🙂

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    • Tim Gatewood says:

      Dr. Cheng, I know you are doing your own NaNo thing (NaNoBloPoMo, right?), so feel free to just bookmark it and come back after the month is over. Or, if you have time, read the ones about blogging first to see if they help you with NaNo — although, really, all of them are excellent or they would not be on this list. (Yes, I am a bit type-happy. I hit my goal for today with enough of a cushion to almost make up for missing yesterday. 😀 )

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      • Thank you, Tim! I have read a few and the one by Jack Messenger on the 5 blog blunders spoke to me. It’s hard to keep up with these writing commitments we make, huh? I’m grateful for the generous support from this community, though–always so kind! 😊

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