Here is my Latest Progress on WNFIN

Here is my latest progress on WNFIN 

Day 9 on Write Nonfiction in November (WNFIN) challenge – American Notary Basics book project : words added 1,286 (daily goal 1,200 — nailed it!). Total now stands at 38,966.

Lesson for the day: even if you are tired, you can find 1,200 words to write if you keep at it.


Day 10 : 1,954 words added to project. Total now stands at 40,920, which means I have less than 9,100 words to go to hit my goal of 50K.

Same lesson as earlier in this challenge — start early in the day and knock it out !


Day 11 (Veteran’s Day – #ThankYouVeterans): 2,674 words added. Total now stands at 43,594. As I started on day 1 with 23,395 words already in the project, that means I have added 20,199 words since November 1 when the project began. Woo hoo !




About Tim Gatewood

55+, male, widowed (May 2016). Mobile notary public and signing agent, freelance writer, and ordained minister. Science fiction and fantasy fan, willing servant to cats, avid reader and collector of books and other stuff. Please see my websites (including this blog and others) for more info on me and what I think about the issues of the day.
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