Take Action !

One of the reasons that I named this blog Minister Is A Verb is that I have observed that we reveal who we are by our actions. Sure, we may have “beliefs” that are good, just, merciful, faith-based, and all that — but, if we don’t put those beliefs into action, they don’t matter to the world. Actions are how we show what we really believe and actions are how we make an impact on the world.

What you say is often far less important than how, when, and where you say it — and the strongest way to say anything is by doing what you are talking about if it is a good thing and not doing it if it is a bad thing.

This observation (that actions matter more than beliefs or words) is certainly not new, nor is it limited to religious or personal aspects of our lives. Here is an excellent article about taking action in business, aimed at those of us who are entrepreneurs. I trust that those who read this blog are smart enough to see how the statements made in this article apply in their own lives, regardless of how you connect with business.

Stop Learning About Entrepreneurship and Start Doing the Work


About Tim Gatewood

55+, male, widowed. Mobile Notary Public and Signing Agent, Freelance Writer, and Ordained Minister. Willing servant to cats. Science fiction and fantasy fan, avid reader, Founder of the Darrell Awards. Author of _Getting Started As A Notary Signing Agent_ (available from https://notarymemphis.wordpress.com/books). Please be kind to one another.
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5 Responses to Take Action !

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  3. I can relate–drowning in paper! Take care, you’re both in my thoughts.

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  4. Tim, thanks for sharing this. I was really struck by the concepts that: 1) information overload (continually collecting information before you start doing) is a form of procrastination; and 2) we know what we need to do and want to do…so get started. I paraphrased, but that was the message I needed to hear! Good to see you back in the blogging world. Hoping all is going well for you and Barbara. Best wishes.

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    • Tim Gatewood says:

      Donna, it’s been tough to find the right head-space for blogging with Barbara still unable to speak and still in rehab otherwise.

      This article did strike me for those same reasons, especially as I have a habit of collecting and hoarding books on any topic that grabs my attention strongly enough, so I have more information than I can ever use even without the internet.

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