8 Responses to Personalizing My Semicolon Tattoo

  1. Thank you for liking my post tonight, Tim! It brought me here to this inspiring and educational piece. I miss seeing you around WordPress and wish you light, peace, and hugs. 😉 [See what I did there? ;D]

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  2. Grëgøry J. says:

    I know I’m a couple of years late with this comment, but the longevity of a meaningful story is part of the power of the internet.

    Well written sir!


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  3. Great post, Tim. Thoughtful and wise. I hadn’t heard of the Semicolon Project before and am glad to learn about it. I love the idea of there being a reminder to people who are suicidal or otherwise facing personal crisis that their story isn’t over and life still calls them. Thanks for the Gift of your words.

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