5 Responses to Thoughts on the Election

  1. Rajagopal says:

    After the dust has settled post announcement of results, it looks like the unexpected has happened. The orchestrated media hype around democratic candidate all through the glitzy campaign worked the magic of making the world believe as if the lady was firmly set to find her passage to the WH. That she could not make it inspite of advantages of her own party’s government and also being part of it as state Secretary, clearly indicates that she failed to win the confidence of majority of people. That said, it hardly means that the right person has secured the job of leading the country for the next four years, which remains to be seen. May be he will again prove everyone wrong by pulling out those rabbits out of the hat by delivering on promises. As things would apoear at the moment, the American election is another unfortunate signal of a world swinging towards extreme right wing conservatism. It has happened in the last 2014 general elections in India, ramifying across Europe as manifested in the recent Brexit vote and now the US.


  2. Lynda Poysor says:

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    Thanks for saying all that, I was too afraid.

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  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Tim (and the wonderful Asimov quote!). Yes, it is absolutely mind-boggling. Your suggestions for how to get through this are most welcome. It’s also enormously helpful to be a part of this tremendous blogging community. Together, we will prevail.

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