5 Responses to Why Are Libraries So Under-Appreciated?

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  2. masgautsen says:

    I love libraries. In my town the library has become quite popular over the last years.

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  3. Lynda Poysor says:

    Bravo Tim for simply finding and allowing your passion to surface – You are alive and kicking. Barbara would be so proud.

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  4. Tim Gatewood says:

    I think his statement that “they don’t pay taxes” was, as you say, untrue; but it served his purpose, which was to shut down discussion about a topic where he lacked expertise. It may be a matter of their mandated mission, as well. All I know is that government is the ultimate non-profit, so anyone who works for a government entity should not belittle them.

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  5. Hi, Tim,
    It’s always good to see a post from you. You’re so right that libraries are often overlooked and are a tremendous resource to us at any age and for countless purposes. We’re in our local libraries an average of 4-5 times a week and also online with the library system at least that much. Our library is always packed—kids doing their homework, community meetings, and people of all ages reading, researching, intersecting. It’s probably the most dynamic place in our community. I take issue with TSBDC‘s explanation that it doesn’t work with non-profits because they don’t pay taxes. It’s true that non-profits don’t pay taxes on revenue they derive from their exempt purpose (the cause they were formed to address, as spelled out in their Articles of Incorporation), but they do pay taxes on revenue that they get from non-exempt activities—often things like advertising, sponsorships, sales of unrelated products (t-shirts, mugs, etc.). Sorry to go all nerdy on you, but after spending 35 years working with non-profits, I bristle when people dismiss non-profit orgs as not paying their fair share of taxes. Sounds like the TSBDC folk know as little about libraries as they do about the non-profit world. Thanks for speaking up for libraries. They are an oasis of knowledge in today’s world. I wonder if the president has ever been in one.

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