13 Responses to Grief and Mourning 

  1. The thing is, you need to just take your time. It’s early days, and you never know what is just around the corner. Perhaps the cats have more wisdom to give you right now.

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    • Tim Gatewood says:

      It’s been over a year. For a married couple, the honeymoon “officially” lasts a month or a year, depending on who you ask. So, my “dark moon” with grief is “officially” over. I’m never going to be over my grief, as the loss of her will change the rest of my days. But I am dealing with things from a different point of view these days as the pain is not so raw as it once was.


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  4. Thoughtful meditation on mourning and grief, Tim. Are there any books that you have found especially interesting or helpful about grief? I’d be interested in titles or other references, as I am in the very (very) early stages of researching grief for a writing project that keeps telling me it needs to be written. As always, the honesty and openness of your voice is both touching and refreshing.

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  5. Rajagopal says:

    You need to immerse more into concerns of communities around you, Tim, and, ideally, work on enhancing lives of others. It is as much for yourself as for others, as so doing literally takes you out of your grief and the cherished memories of your late partner. It is a salutary process that may also happily culminate in another kindred spirit crossing your path with a gradual willingness to join hands to become a companion in your onward journey.

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  6. It must be very difficult, I hope you find some kind of solace in your own way. I like to think that there are people who still care and don’t try to carry the burden alone. 🌞

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  7. Ritu says:

    (((Hugs))) Tim

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