6 Responses to On Privilege and Consequences for Mistakes

  1. Food for thought definitely Tim and so well put. But those that walk off with the fruits don’t think the way we do unfortunately . . . I can’t imagine what mistakes you will be sharing here but I will wait with anticipation and hope I can learn from you.

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  2. Lynda Rose says:

    I always notice a wave of interest when I get your email because I know it will be edifying. Today I am in a place that welcomes your news and reading it. I am breathing well now just to see the results of educating composition with walnut cracks of meaning between punctuation. Thank you, Tim.

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  3. Tim Gatewood says:

    Donna, I’m glad that you found it worth reading, as I was afraid that it was just philosophical blather — yet it flowed out of me into the keyboard.

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  4. Hi, Tim, so good to read your thoughts. This was a really wise and important post, and a good reminder to us that not only do we sometimes assume privilege and position that we haven’t earned, maybe there’s no reason for privilege to ever be claimed at all. Perhaps as the message of false privilege spreads, more people will question things they’ve always thought and important conversations will take place. Looking forward to reading more of your ideas.

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