4 Responses to I Landed A Job !

  1. Tim Gatewood says:

    Thank you, Lynda!


  2. Lynda Poysor says:

    A very big and hearty congratulations on the new job. You sound successful already and I know you will reach your goals. I have been following you and this is most uplifting for me. I can use your good news and I have felt a little down over my health and my daughters not wishing to contact me. Only God will open these doors for me now so I keep praying and asking. Why not? He never gets tired of hearing us ask. I love God. Go with God when you set off for work and you will have no worries. I love you as well for this wonderful attitude you shared today. Thank you.

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  3. Tim Gatewood says:

    Thank you, Donna!


  4. Congratulations, Tim! You bring both the skills and attitude that will make your new job successful and enjoyable. Relish your new adventure and learning curve!

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