Welcome to 2021

Happy 2021
Happy 2021

Welcome to 2021, you beautiful pile of potential ! You are awesome and wonderful.

What will you accomplish this year? While circumstances will always play a large role, your choices and actions will often determine the outcome. So, choose well and act carefully.

What passions stir you at this cusp of another year? Dreams become reality when you put planning and action into them. Be bold and passionate in 2021, more so than ever before.

Stay aware of the ongoing crises (pandemic, inequality, injustice, climate change, fascism, and others) and what you can do to be safe as you fight for a better world. Take advantage of all the resources at your disposal to help others and to engage in self care.

Spend time in educating yourself on history and science and logic and law so you can be a better citizen of your country and the world. We can’t truly love something that we don’t understand or fix what’s broken in it. Aren’t you old enough to put aside the myths & fables taught to you as a child? Replace that childish mythology with truth.

Knowledge plus action equals power

Be mindful that not everyone wants to be a better citizen or to improve their awareness of the truth. Don’t pity them; they are on their own journey. Freely avoid them as much as you can, as life is too short to spend it on arguing with those who don’t agree with you on first principles.

Rest up. Enjoy your time off. Life is full of challenges and you need your strength to get through it or make a difference.

You know who you are. Now go on and be the best you that you can be.

Project Semicolon

About Tim Gatewood

60+, male, widowed/single. Writer with a day job. Notary Public. #catdaddy Science fiction and fantasy fan, avid reader, Founder of the Darrell Awards. Author of _Getting Started As A Notary Signing Agent_ (available from https://notarymemphis.wordpress.com/books). Please be kind to one another.
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5 Responses to Welcome to 2021

  1. Hi Tim!! 🤗 So nice to read you again!! Such good questions, excellent for recentering and perspective taking—practices we will definitely need to continue indefinitely! 😜 Best wishes to you on this cusp, and hope to read more of you in 2021! 😄🙏🏼🌟

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  2. Tim, it’s good to see you again. I hope you’re doing well. This was a lovely post—and a reminder to me of some of the things I hope to focus on in the year ahead. I hope it also portends more wisdom and insights from you in the months ahead. Wishing you the best in this new year.

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