I’m Angry

I received my Covid19 booster shot today at Kroger . One dude waiting had on no mask. I gave him grief about it. He said he had all 3 shots & Omicron so… I told him I was there to get my shot, so put on a mask or leave. He left.

While I was waiting, another maskless dude sat down. 🤬😡

I’m angry at people who choose to treat the pandemic as optional.

I’m angry at Kroger and Walmart and the other big chains that could have enforced their own mask mandates from day one & saved lives while bringing consequences to the anti-maskers.

I’m angry at the CDC for messing up the message on wearing masks over & over under two administrations.

Don’t even get me started on their silence on filtering the air to remove the aerosols that allow this pathogen to spread.

I’m angry at everyone who treats this as an excellent time to “cull the herd” — which is what happens when you rely on herd immunity instead of sacrifices from all of us and competent, rational help from our government to get through this.

Most of all, I’m angry at the 1% that divide us into groups that cannot even have a civilized conversation with one another. Their greed for wealth & control is sending us toward fascism and climate crisis.

Plague Doctor — a tattoo I may get

About Tim Gatewood

60+, male, widowed/single. Writer with a day job. Notary Public. #catdaddy Science fiction and fantasy fan, avid reader, Founder of the Darrell Awards. Author of _Getting Started As A Notary Signing Agent_ (available from https://notarymemphis.wordpress.com/books). Please be kind to one another.
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2 Responses to I’m Angry

  1. Hi, Tim. There’s a lot to be angry about these days. And I’m finding that the feelings of helplessness or lack of control that accompany that anger make it worse. I keep expecting people to be rational and to care about others, but *they* keep surprising me. I’m not going to remind you of all the goodness around us, because you know that. Just saying I can relate to what you’re feeling.
    P.S. – It’s good to see you again.

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