About this Site

Welcome to the personal blog of Tim Gatewood.

This blog is mostly my opinion, although I do include facts whenever I can.  Please feel free to comment on the ideas posted here. Be aware that personal attacks or insults will be deleted.

Minister Is A Verb is focused on justice, mercy, morality, religion, government, politics, business & related topics — in other words, history, philosophy and current events. Please see this post for The Who and Why of This Blog.

If you are curious as to why I chose this title for the blog, please see this category of posts: Minister Is

I am a Mobile Notary Public, Freelance Writer, and Ordained Minister.

In a sense, all of these are about helping other people, trying to provide services and information to those in need.

In another sense, these mean I am a freelancer, sole proprietor, solo entrepreneur, or small businessman (yes, even being a minister has business aspects to it).

When I was in college, earning a degree in Philosophy & Political Science, I came into contact with the Libertarian Party and with science fiction fandom. I joined both. A decade later, as my political views  continued to evolve, I quit the LP and turned my desire for justice to other matters.

I remain active in SF fandom, serving as the founder  of the Darrell Awards and as the chairman of its Jury, among other activities.

SF fandom led me to my wife, Barbara, and, until I joined Freemasonry, SF fandom was the major source of my social life. Now that I am blogging and have withdrawn from the Masonic groups and my wife has passed away, who knows where my social life will come from?

Writing has been a necessary part of my life almost as far back as I can remember. Over the years, I have been blessed to find people willing to pay me to write. In November of 2015, I finished the first draft of my first book; it will be published any day now, with several more books planned after that.

I am an alumnus of Lambda Chi Alpha (college fraternity) and was a Freemason for about 15 years.

I became an ordained minister in 2010 as another step in the path toward enlightenment and service to others.

All of these experiences will be reflected in the articles posted here.

Nothing seen here should be taken as legal advice or legal opinion, nor should it be taken as an official statement by any of the organizations with which I am or have  been affiliated or which are mentioned on this blog.

Most of my Notary-related posts now appear on the Notary Memphis blog.  I also have a blog for the Darrell Awards.

Please see my other websites at Notary Memphis and Memphis Service Ministries  or find me on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, among other social media. Or, if you are in Memphis, look for me at meetings of the above groups.

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  1. Ganesh says:

    Nice and inspiring blog, Tim! Thanks for following “Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean”. 🙂

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