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Write Non-Fiction In November 2017  – First Eight Days 

Day 1. I wrote the introduction this morning, which helped me to clarify things nicely. This book HAS been cooking in my head for a year, so I know where it is going, even though I have revised bits of … Continue reading

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Write Non-Fiction In November 2017  – Day 0

So, I’m going to do Write Non-Fiction In November (WNFIN) 2017.  What this means is I’m going to write an entire non-fiction book in November.  The full announcement is here.

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Write Non-Fiction In November (WNFIN) – Day 1

As announced previously on my business blog (Notary Memphis) and on Facebook, I have registered for the Write Non-Fiction In November challenge, also known as WNFIN. This is the non-fiction counterpart to the National Novel Writing Month challenge held in … Continue reading

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To Minister Is A Purpose of Government

To minister is a purpose of government. I am sure that, in today’s political climate, with so many anti-government types running around, the first responses to this statement include the following: Say what?!? Since when? What do you mean? What … Continue reading

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