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Further Thoughts on the Election 

For the record, the USA has never been a pure democracy. It’s always been a representative democracy,  meaning the people select representatives who decide what’s best. When it works, this minimizes the usual B.S. of bad public opinion steamrolling over … Continue reading

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Sunday Thoughts on Justice

Sunday Thoughts on Justice I keep coming back to what someone said last year. If something bad within a system persists over time, it stops being a bug and becomes a feature. Prison rape is no longer a bug; it’s … Continue reading

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You Can’t Buy Your Way to Prosperity

A Free Country Makes Most of What It Needs One of the trite cliches that people who believe in the myth of a free market use when looking down their noses at those caught in financial difficulties is:  “You can’t … Continue reading

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Reasons Why I Will NOT Be Replying to Your Argument

This is hilarious — and so true! It’s just too good to keep it to myself. Reasons Why I Will NOT Be Replying to Your Argument  

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Why Facts Count More Than Opinions

Why Facts Count More Than Opinions All sound arguments start with facts that both sides accept as true. From that common ground, assertions are made, then challenged, and, if proven on the basis of logic, these assertions become the conclusion … Continue reading

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