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Free Speech Has Consequences

In my experience, bigots and other intolerant people will generally self-identify by their own words and clothing choices. If you show up in public wearing a Nazi swastika or other Nazi or fascist symbol and it’s not for a WW2 … Continue reading

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A Southerner Speaks Out on the So-Called Confederate Flag

As an American who had ancestors who fought for the Confederacy and a Southerner whose family roots in the South go back for over 200 years, I am aware of the history of the Civil War, what led up to … Continue reading

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Further Thoughts on the Election 

For the record, the USA has never been a pure democracy. It’s always been a representative democracy,  meaning the people select representatives who decide what’s best. When it works, this minimizes the usual B.S. of bad public opinion steamrolling over … Continue reading

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