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What If We Really Cared ?

What if we took to heart the Great Commandments and truly cared for other people, especially the widows, the orphans, the sick, and the prisoners? What would that look like? What if for-profit insurance had never been allowed for health care? Would … Continue reading

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I Passed the Notary Law Institute Class and Exam

Earlier tonight, I completed the online class in Notary Public Education from the Notary Law Institute and passed their exam with a 100% score. While this is certainly not the toughest class I have ever taken, it did provide loads … Continue reading

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What The Right Gets Wrong on Poverty

The so-called War on Poverty has been going on for decades and we have more poor people than ever. So, asking what can be done about the poor is a valid question. I have noticed that reactionaries (who call themselves … Continue reading

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