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Imaginary Conversation with My Wife

Imaginary Conversation with My Wife 23 February 2017 Me: I love the cats, but… Her: Yes Me: But the thing I hate the most about them is cat barf. Her: Really? That’s the one thing you hate the most about … Continue reading

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On December 30th 

​Today is December 30, 2016.  One year ago today, I woke up on day 4 of what turned out to be a 10+day illness. My wife Barbara and I had enjoyed Christmas dinner together in her nursing home room. Due … Continue reading

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Bah-Humbug on Christmas 2016

​Yesterday, I received another piece of mail addressed to Gatewood Family Enterprises, a name we used in connection with a side thing many years ago.  Two things struck me about this.  1) You really never get off mailing lists, as … Continue reading

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I Won’t Keep Your Secrets Any Longer

  One of the scariest stories I ever heard was told to me and several others at a child’s birthday party. Over the ringing bells and music of the indoor rides and video games. Across a b… Source: I Won’t … Continue reading

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