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Further Thoughts on the Election 

For the record, the USA has never been a pure democracy. It’s always been a representative democracy,  meaning the people select representatives who decide what’s best. When it works, this minimizes the usual B.S. of bad public opinion steamrolling over … Continue reading

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Are America and the West Free ?

It is a long standing rule of thumb that a free society allows whatever is not prohibited and that the list of prohibited things and actions is kept to a size small enough to be obeyed by reasonable people of … Continue reading

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How Libertarianism Has Led the USA Down the Road toward Fascism

At the heart of libertarianism is the belief that individuals don’t owe anything to the civilization or the society in which they were born and raised, and that the libertarian must give their consent for any action taken by anyone … Continue reading

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What I Do Believe

I believe in market-based solutions — where they are effective, don’t infringe on rights that We the People would have if the same job were done by government, and don’t increase the costs to the taxpayer.  I believe in a … Continue reading

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