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To Minister Is A Purpose of Government

To minister is a purpose of government. I am sure that, in today’s political climate, with so many anti-government types running around, the first responses to this statement include the following: Say what?!? Since when? What do you mean? What … Continue reading

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My Biggest Challenge as a Freelancer

For more than a dozen years, I have been self-employed, a small business person, a sole proprietor, call it what you will. Only recently have I accepted the term freelancer to describe what I do and I don’t really know … Continue reading

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On Notary Public Background Checks

I was on the NotaryRotary.com website today and saw this article about Notary Public background checks. While this is the sort of thing you might expect NotaryRotary to post on their Facebook page, they did not. So, I am sharing … Continue reading

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