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Peace and Irrelevant Opinions

Peace and Irrelevant Opinions This blog started as a place for me to work out what I believed on issues of importance to me and to share my opinions with the world. As anyone who has read the articles posted … Continue reading

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Libertarianism In a Nutshell

The libertarian message can be boiled down to the following.  Because government does things I don’t like, it is wrong. Because government stops me from doing what I want to do it, it is wrong. Because it’s wrong, it must … Continue reading

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On Good Government and Libertarianism

The most effective way to convince someone to do what you want is to start from a shared set of assumptions and values. Whether you use rhetoric, logic, or propaganda in your arguments, you will have a much better success … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Become Politically Savvy

In the modern day, when campaigns for office seem to be happening all the time, it is important to know how to see past the biases in what is reported and find the truth. We may never know the absolute … Continue reading

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