That Moment When

I’ve been taking this #blogging101 class and one of the assignments is to do a regular feature on your site. After some serious thought on the matter, I’ve decided to do a weekly series on the topic of

“That Moment When…”

That Moment When-white1

Life is about the small things, as well as the big picture. The day-to-day matters as much as the unusual and rare. None of us can walk another’s path, but we can walk along with them for a time. When we encounter something that makes us stop and look at the world in a different way, that marks the end or beginning of a relationship, that changes who were are due to this experience, that is a moment when…

This page will contain links to each of the articles as they are posted.

While I expect to be the primary author on this, I am willing to accept short articles on the topic and publish them here if I like them well enough. If you want to submit an article for this feature, please email (see my Contact Info page for the address) so  we can  work out the details.

Introductory Post: A New Feature on this Site

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