Why I Blog

First, my double major in college was philosophy & political science. Anyone who has either of those majors is most likely going to approach the world through ideas and words, through trying to make sense out of the chaos, if not to outright impose order upon it. This is true in my case, anyway. It is not that these majors turn you into a wordy person, a thinking person — it is more that you are very unlikely to pick them if you are not already one.

Second, I am an American male and, like many such guys, I don’t always know what I am feeling or thinking until I hear it coming out of my mouth. Other people seem to need to tell me what my mood is and how I feel, but they don’t see into my soul or stand inside my skin, so they don’t know. By writing (and revising what I write), I can work out what I think, feel, and believe much more effectively (and cheaply) than any other way. You may consider my blogging as therapy for being a guy.

Third, having worked out what I think, feel & believe on a given subject, I want to record it where it can be shared with others. This blog is the best way to do that, or, at least, the best way that I have found.

Fourth, I have been a writer for decades. Blogging is just another way to let it out.

Fifth, this post answers more : The Who and Why of this Blog

Sixth, this post gives even more reasons: Some Advantages of Blogging

Seventh, because by blogging, I have found other blogs to read and enjoy. Here is my current page of Blogs To Follow.

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